HYBRIDS is a heroic adventure that is centered in the United States of America. Members can choose from a wide variety of Superpowers and abilities and become the Superbeing they were meant to be, the question is which path will they walk?
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 Ranks and Ability Limits

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PostSubject: Ranks and Ability Limits   Sat Aug 07, 2010 10:36 pm

Before we get into Ranks and the Ability Limits I would like to notify all members that HYBRIDS only allows up to one superpower per- character so please do not get this mixed up with the Ability Limits.

Sidekicks are novice super beings that have potential, however in order to unlock their potential they need to train under a Master.

Ability Limit
1-2 Abilities

Heroes/Villains are super beings that have learned how to control their HYBRID power but to a lesser extent than that of Superheroes/Supervillains, sidekicks can work under Heroes/Villains.

Ability Limit
3-6 Abilities

Superheroes/Supervillains are super beings that have learned much about their HYBRID power and can start with the largest variety of Abilities for their HYBRID power, Sidekicks can work under Superheroes/Supervillains.

Ability Limit
7-10 Abilities

Please note that members will be able to use more abilities as they progress through the forum.
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Ranks and Ability Limits
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