HYBRIDS is a heroic adventure that is centered in the United States of America. Members can choose from a wide variety of Superpowers and abilities and become the Superbeing they were meant to be, the question is which path will they walk?
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 The Points System

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PostSubject: The Points System   Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:17 pm

HYBRIDS follows a points system, this will enable members to earn new features that will benefit their character and their Role Playing experience. Below will list how the points system works and the rewards for obtaining points:

How to earn Points
Points are earned from players posting in-character.

40 Points- Players can make one extra ability.
60 Points- Players can make an Organization.
70 Points- Players can advertise a forum in the Advertisement Section.
80 Points- Players may make a secondary character.
100 Points- Players may add one extra power.
150 Points- Players can make an in-character location that revolves around their character. (Ex: Laboratory, Underground Facility, Organization Headquarters, ext.)

NOTE: When a player chooses how much points they want to spend it is subtracted from their earned points. (Ex: A player wants to make an Organization and has 60 Points, once they choose to spend the 60 Points on creating an organization they then return back to 0 Points.)

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The Points System
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